• Chris Evans

    Chris Evans

  • Kayode Ezike

    Kayode Ezike

    Welcome to a public cross-section of my life. Here, I will be featuring relevant topics in tech, innovation, social impact, and more! Thanks for joining ✨

  • Debbie Chia

    Debbie Chia

    I like to write lists. A creative chameleon writing about anything around the sun.

  • soupsranjan


    CEO and co-founder Sardine.AI, former fraud fighter at Coinbase and Revolut

  • Neil Endrigo

    Neil Endrigo

  • Josh Volpert

    Josh Volpert

  • Alec HP

    Alec HP

    Yes, that’s a bird on my head.

  • Everbloom Crypto Exchange

    Everbloom Crypto Exchange

    Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. Website: Everbloom.co | Telegram: t.me/EverbloomHQ | Twitter: https://twitter.com/EverbloomHQ

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